Under Ash


(FPS-Shooter game) At the time, when huge Arabic foundations were busy with the flurry commercials and consuming softwares, Dar el-Fekr was working and preparing silently, so it achieved what other are unable to, and make the Dream of a Billion Muslim and Arabian dream come true.

Assassin’s Creed Headed To Egypt?


As you already know, Ubisoft is preparing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood for a Fall 2010 release. It seems they’ve got another AC project in the works, too.   Teaser art on UbiWorkshop.com shows a hooded fellow with an eagle standing in front of pyramids. A crest above him has the initials “AC.” The image file is called “Assassin,” too, so they’re not concealing the fact that this is connected to the Creed franchise somehow.

The first Egyptian 3D game ( abo7adeed )


  Have you ever heard about the first Egyptian 3D game? It’s called Abou 7adeed (previously named Boo7a) and it’s based on the character of Mohamed Saad’s famous movie “Boo7a” and how he and his friends rally together to take revenge on evil-doers. I’m officially the first one to buy the final version of this game Although I’m not into gaming at all but I just got very excited about the idea of playing a game with Egyptian characters, culture, folklore, environment…etc, specially when I met the young, talented and ambitious developers of [...]

Quraish game


  QURAISH is the first Arabic 3D real time strategy game (RTS), loaded with new concepts, amazing campaigns and a 100% locally developed 3d engine. It is expected to become a hit in all Middle East markets. QURAISH game tracks the origin of Islam in the desert Arabia 590 B.C through its evolution and growth until it builds a state (caliphate), which defeats the greatest empires of that day and age, Persians and Romans.Was it “AL JIHAD” the holy war that made them conquer? Was it the tolerance of this spiritual religion? Or [...]